FISCALDRAG is an independent organisation founded in 2009 by Danilo Cannella and Giacomo Demola in order to guarantee the best possible assistance for its clients in the areas specified below:

Contractual consultancy

Assistance in buy and sell negotiations of companies, branches, equity and shareholding operations, trademarks and industry property rights, real estate, options and distribution.

Corporate consultancy

Assistance in establishing companies in Italy and abroad through drafting of shareholder agreements and equity operations.

Asset, economic and financial analysis

Asset, economic and financial analysis of enterprises for assessment purposes in case of acquisition or sales to support management during the decisional process for division and assignment to the shareholders.

Merger and Acquisition

Assistance and support in corporate transactions of an extraordinary nature: acquisitions or disposals of companies, business units, company assets, mergers, demergers, contributions in kind, transformations, voluntary liquidations

Implementation of industrial and analytical accounting

Implementation of industrial and analytical accounting for determining tax margins, per sector, division, centre of cost and revenue.

Company Appraisals and Assessments

Drafting of estimate appraisals of companies, branches, brands and single assets; accounting and tax due diligence; auditing.

Generational change

Assistance to the entrepreneur in managing generational transfer, in planning succession events, in protection of the entrepreneur’s assets, in separation of personal assets from business assets, in fiscal planning of income deriving from personal assets.

Technical consultancy

Technical consultancy in jurisdiction proceedings with regard to anatocism, money-lending interests, maximum overdraw commissions, revocatory bankruptcy; arbitration with regard to corporate and contractual matters; in judicial proceedings with regard to financial products in support of banks, companies, corporations, public administrations, individuals.

Tax assistance and consultancy

Tax assistance and consultancy with regard to direct and indirect taxes, assistance in drafting income tax returns and other tax declarations; defence of the client in proceedings before Tax Courts of Justice and in pre-legal settings. Domestic and international tax planning.

Corporate crisis management

Assistance to the entrepreneur in the implementation of adequate organisational arrangements for the early interception of the business crisis, in the choice of the crisis regulation tool, in the attestation of business restructuring plans and in negotiations with creditors within the negotiated crisis settlement.

Corporate appointments

Firm‘s executives cover corporate appointments in other Companies such as: Administrators, Auditors, Revisers, Liquidators, and Trustees.

Financial Statement and Accounting

Drafting of Annual Financial Statements, reporting, budgeting, also in foreign languages.