FISCALDRAG supports the Arts and the creative heritage of young rising artists, supporting Artgallery.

In particular, the Artgallery artists have the opportunity to exhibit their works in the FISCALDRAG spaces, thus exploiting an international window.

The Artist

The collaboration between ArtGallery and FISCALDRAG continues. After the sculptures of Enrico Challier, FISCALDRAG hosts the works of Sigis, a young pop artist born in Milan. The artist’s works are also exposed in the GAM gallery in Montecarlo, together with works of founders of contemporary art like Mirò, Basquiat, Fontana, Keith Haring, Wharol, Chagall and Picasso. The vinyl is a plastic and ironic element, it’s the soul of his works. Sigis molds vinyl records – he has a huge collection – in shape of mouths and roses, they are the milestones of an artistic path bound with his family. Sigis invented his nom de plume from his ancestor Sigismondo d’Asburgo. The material of his works is an answer to the world’s transactionality. The vinyl comes back to life with a new identity, thanks to a pop language and nouveau realisme.

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